The Ponies are here, the ponies are here!!!!!!!!!!!

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So the ponies came today!!!!

I posted earlier about "Creating the perfect pony" and I just wanted to post a follow up.

I was very clear about what I wanted…. tho I admit that I kinda saw a black pony and I really like palomino ponies too. I "saw" what I wanted and just trusted the Universe to figure it out. And the Universe did……much better than I could ever imagine!!!!!!

Someone has said, "the Universe has imagined it even better than you
have." And we like to add to that: The Universe got all of it's
information about what you like from you, and it has remembered every
piece of it and has put it together in perfect formation. And so, the
things that are on their way to you are so much better than you even
know that you want. And as you allow them, the essence of all of these
things that the Universe knows that you are wanting make their way to
you and appear in perfect timing for you.

From an Abe workshop in San Diego, CA on Saturday, Feb 7th,

So I read this and I have to agree!!!! My friends knew I was looking for an Icelandic and they stopped by and said "You HAVE to go see these two Icey's for sale, we rode them and they are wonderful!!!!"

We went the very next day and met and rode them and they are PERFECT!!!! Cute, safe, sound,fun to ride, 15 min. away and a GREAT price!!!!



Meeting Stewart



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