Creating the Perfect Pony!!!!!

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You have to know what you want and see it, feel it, taste it!!!!! A true burning desire!!!!
I think the 2 hardest hurdles we as humans have to overcome when it comes to creating is being really specific about what we want and feeling deserving of what we want. I have had a harder time with the former. It took me several years to master this one and I have some pretty funny stories about the things I created and called forth and saying hmmmmm… OK I need to be more specific. I have wanted a pony since I was in the womb. My parents did the best they could….. They bought me a horse and I fell off the first time I rode her. I couldn't ride for a year and have a plate in my head. I had to sell that horse and with the money I bought my very own first dog……. Funny thing is that the purchase of that dog started me on a path that still is the biggest part of my life. I had to take her into be groomed and the first time I walked into the grooming shop at 11 years old I was blown away. I told the shop owner " I want to be a groomer" She said " No you don't" I replied "Oh, yes I do!!!" So I started working for her that summer and over 30 years I have worked with dogs in one way or another, Groomer, trainer, Studio trainer, kennel person and the list goes on. Thirty years later I own a Mobile Grooming Service Company since 1994 and a Dog Boarding Facility. Not to mention that it also started me showing and breeding dogs. I have been beyond fortunate to have discovered my passion at a young age…. Back to creating…. My Pony specifically …. So when I grew up I bought a couple of horses and it was fun and I learned alot…..but it was not my pony. So I started thinking and feeling what do I REALLY want?  I want a pony. Ok, but you are not a little kid anymore. So I needed to find a pony that could carry an adult. After all my research I came up with an Icelandic. Perfect!!! Sturdy little horse that looks like a pony!!! Gelding or Mare? Hmmmm…. I am a breeder down to my core…… A mare! Color? Ok, I know that one should never pick a creature on color…..I know this well….I breed Dalmatians and Collies…. A good dog/horse is a good dog/horse no matter what color! But, I am a visual kinda gal and I need photos in front of me to help with my creating/calling forth. So again color…….Black!!!! I found the cutest little mare and I have her photo beside my computer. She fits the picture in my head. I have sent out the request to the Universe and now I am just waiting for all the ducks to line up. I have made contact with her breeder and she is for sale. Her breeder sounds just like the type of breeder that I want to have a working relationship with. The kind of breeder I tell people looking for a puppy to look for. I called my friend that I play this creating game with and she said COOL!!! She is beautiful!!!! I have a horse trailer you can borrow!!!! I just adore my partners in crime!!!! Any way this is just a brief glimpse at the creating and calling forth of my perfect pony!!!! I will update my blog as the play unfolds!!!!

Her name is Fatima


and I can see her tolting in my field, I can feel her fluffy black coat between my fingers and I can taste that sweet horsey taste . Isn't she the cutest!!!!!!!

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  1. Reply Dina Grady says:

    Good for you Jules!!!!!!! I am soooo happy for you, she is beautiful. Isn’t it fun to have “Partners in crime”.

  2. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    I just LOVE that pony and her hot baby pink halter!! AND LOVE THE QUOTE!!!!

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