USDAA Nationals ~2008

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This is the first Agility Nationals I have ever gone to. What an experience!!! I didn't take a dog to run I just went to support and watch. Scottsdale, AZ was a VERY hot low 90's. There were dogs and hanlers EVERYWHERE!!!! They had entries from all over the world to compete. There was dock dogs, flyball, agility, herding, disc dog, lure coursing and other fun stuff to do with your dog. Frankly sipping lemonaid in the shade and watching the dogs run was more my style. The walk to the motorhome to the rings was at least a half mile…… Note to self….. SCOOTER!!!!!!

MAsh 1

Mush 2

Masher was entered in team stuff and Steeplechase. He had the fastest time in 12" steeplechase but knocked a bar and got  5 seconds added to his time. So he didn't make it to the finals. Masher had a blazing time in the Standard run and got First Place.


Masher had a great time and  handled this big venue like a seasoned pro…. With style and speed just like his litter sister Taboo. Taboo and Owner/Handler Melissa Henning were smokin' at the Nationals!!!



Taboo had a GREAT weekend. She won every class she was in except jumpers where they had a little oopsie and Melissa kinda got in Taboo's way. Taboo won the Performance Steeplechase and Grand Prix!!!! With blazing fast times.

We sat in the stands and you could smell the excitement and  the alchohol!!! The stands were filled and the cheering was loud!!! It was amazing to watch these talented dogs and handlers navigate the courses.

Watching Taboo run was breathtaking!!!! Daneen and I were laughing, screaming and crying in the stands. It was truly bittersweet watching Shredder's little pups run and love the game as much as she did.


The rest of the Paps went along for the ride. This was a wonderful experience for Aiden, Slammer and Harmony. They walked and played and had a great time. Not having a dog to run all weekend just means that I took 182 pictures……. mostly of the Papillons.










We had a blow out 30 miles from the CA border. I have to say that AAA SUCKS!!!!!!! We sat on the 10 freeway for 3 1/2 hours. We saw the sun set. Played backgammon and drank cofee. We got home about 3:00 am. Sheesh it was a long but GREAT weekend!!!!



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