About Me

  I have been an animal lover from the day I was born. I am one of the lucky few that found my passion at an early age. I started working as a brusher bather at a local grooming shop at the age of eleven and have worked in the animal field ever since. Breeding has been a part of my core. I take the breeding process very seriously and try to make the best choices while trying to create the ideal of each breed that is in my head. Temperament, structure and movement are high on my list as a breeder.

I started my own Mobile Dog Grooming company in 1994. Since I am a ” You’re not the boss of me” kinda gal owning my own business suited me just fine. I adore working with dogs so being out and about and not stuck in a shop all day was wonderful! I have since moved on from grooming in the vans each day and have concentrated my energy on my Dog Boarding business. We have a 5 acre ranch in Acton, Ca that I am very proud of. The dogs really seem to enjoy their stays here on the ranch.

I have been showing dogs in conformation since I was 11 years old and just recently broke into the world of agility. What fun!!! While I still show my dogs at conformation shows I find that I enjoy the agility trials so much more. I just have fun with my dogs in agility and spend most of the time laughing…. my dogs LOVE it. I am not that talented or driven to compete any higher than at a local level but I truly enjoy supporting Daneen on her amazing whirlwind agility adventures. I have met incredible people, visited beautiful places and seen some of the most amazing dog agility ever!!! What a ride!!!

We just recently started a dog club called Action Dog Sports ~ Making a difference through education, common sense and attitude. Action Dog Sports has been a dream of mine since I was 11. Now that I am sitting down writing this I realize that my 11th year was formative and quite amazing!!! If you would like to read more about Action Dog Sports ….. Click Here.

I believe that we create our own reality and I am thrilled with what I have created so far…. and so looking forward to whatever adventures I create in the future. I am blessed with a wonderful support and energy around me … My partner in life, my family, my friends and all the critters that are in my life.