Thou Shall… or Not…..It’s Your CHOICE!!!!

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Jerry: If you were a "burning bush" …and I would like some guidance for
my people, do you have "10 commandments" that you would offer?

Abraham: We have 10 good ideas. We would not command anyone to do
anything…. we would offer…that which we have found to be a very good
way of life…. So a commandment is what NOT to do. Rather than telling
you what NOT to do, we will tell you what we do.
* Seek joy — first and foremost.
* Seek reasons to laugh.
* See reasons to offer words of praise — to self and others.
* See beauty in nature, beasts and other humans.
* Seek reasons to love. In every segment of every day — look for
something that brings forth within you a feeling of love.
* Seek that which uplifts you.
* Seek opportunity to offer that which uplifts another.
* Seek a feeling of Well-being.
* Know that your value can only be measured in terms of joy.
* Acknowledge your absolute freedom to do any of these things or to not
do any of these things — for it is, without exception your choice in
every moment of every day.
That is the recipe for eternal joy. And it will provide a format for a
life of dramatic, magnificent creating also. That feels like the "bottom
line" to you: "How much success, or how much acclaim…how much value can I
offer here and now?" And we are wanting you to understand is that your
value can only be measured in terms of joy.

Abraham-Hicks, A New Beginning II by Jerry and Ester Hicks, pp. 217-218.

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