The Road to Crufts…….

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Starts with a fast little dog a goal and a dream and an 11 1/2 hour flight :) 


I have always wanted to experience Crufts and we are one tiny step closer to that dream…. Hopefully at the end of three weeks we will be a huge step closer…. either way we are on a incredible adventure.


When we were in England last year we went to a local agility trial. What fun it was, the show was huge and the courses looked fun and challenging. Daneen said she would have loved to run Masher on some of those courses. So this year instead of attending the WAO we thought it would be quite the little adventure to travel and trial throughout England and try to get qualified to run at Cruft's!!!

The AKC sends a handler and dog every year to compete at Crufts…. but it will always be a large dog….  so we are going to give it a good go and try to qualify on our own.

The Kennel Club has 3 jump heights and 7 levels in agility. The American Kennel Club has 7 jump heights and 3 levels. In order to move up to the next level you need to WIN (not just Q) 4 classes. Not only do you have to win first place in your class, the classes have rather large entries. And when you do finally move up a level they don't do next day move up's…. it can take as long as 4-8 weeks for the KC to approve your move up.

We are lucky to not have to start at level one with Mushy, so Daneen and Mush will start at level six.

So the plan is to hit 14 shows in three weeks :)  The goal is to move up to grade seven and hopefully win some Cruft's qualifier points as well as have a whole lotta fun along the way!!!




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