The planning of a litter

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I went to the Dalmatian National and saw quite a few stunning dogs. I narrowed my choices down to 4 dogs.
I went over the dogs, saw them move, evaluated their temperaments and spoke with their owners and breeders. I made my decision while watching the Best of breed competition. The stud owner informed me that she only accepts bitches that are titled…..Ummm…..Hmmmm…… While Syndey is pointed I made the choice not to continue showing her because she is on the darker side and I just could not justify spending thousands of dollars to finish her. I think Sydney has more than proved herself in the whelping box as I LOVE the bone and the bodies that her pups have. So when I got back from the National I started training Sydney for Ralley OB. ……I said I would NEVER EVER do obedience again… know what they say….Never say never….. Well we entered our first trial and Syd qualified with a fourth place!!!! I was sooo
nervous it was actually funny!!!!! As soon as we do the breeding and an ultrasound I will post pics of the dog I chose for Sydney. Meanwhile I am thinking of great puppy names….Never Say Never….Whatever It Takes….I’m sure there are a million more….. Our next trial is this weekend….Cross your fingers for us…

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