The Joy of the Journey ~Abe

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And we say, you've gotta make that journey joyful.
You have to start enjoying the people that you're meeting.

And start enjoying getting in on peoples' dreams.
And begin to enjoy the fun of being part of fulfilling dreams.

And enjoy the wisdom that you hold and the guidance that you're able
to give to people.

And the insight that you have and the inspiration that comes to you,
and the excellent timing.

Begin enjoying the intuition that comes to you, the impulse to act
and the rightness of the action.

There's so much about what you're doing that you recognize, "Ooooh,
that was a good move, that was really good timing." And as you start
enjoying more of that, what begins to happen is the outcome becomes
irrelevant because the dollars are just non-essential. They are huge
and therefore non-essential. In other words, they become a non-
issue. The joy of the journey becomes the issue.

North Los Angeles, CA 8/18/02

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