THE Coolest Dog In The World……


….. Is my Coley Bear!!!

So I have known for 3 years that the Collie Club of America National was going to be held here in CA in 2010. I decided to enter Cole in the Most Versatile Collie Competition at this National. I planned on entering Cole in Herding, Agility, Rally and Conformation.

Now keep in mind I have had THREE YEARS to work towards this goal……

And in perfect Julie fashion I wait until a month before the big event to START training…. really more like cramming!!!

Cole has a ton of heart!!

We didn't even have weaves at ALL. I keep telling myself I only need to get thru 6 weaves… just six weaves. I have a set of channel weaves here at the house but with only a month to get it it I opted for the ever so lovely weave/louring dance!!!! Daneen is half mortified and half laughing her ass off. I keep threatening to wear a "I go to Daneen's weave class" T-shirt for our agility runs.

We have herding on Sun. and Mon. agility on Tues. and Wed. and rally somewhere in there and conformation on Sat.

I am so looking forward to having fun with my dog I can hardly stand my little self!!!!I am ever so grateful that Cole chose me to be his mommy!!!! I can not even put into words what it feels like when I look into his eyes as we are training doing rally exercises and agility and the look he is giving me is "God I LOVE you!" & "What do you want me to do next?" He gets so happy and so very proud of himself.

It almost brings tears to my eyes because Cole is not driven in the way our Border Collie is, who works because he lives to work, Cole does all this stuff for me….. because he wants to please me. Of course treats are second on his priority list 🙂

So the big week starts next weekend…. No matter what Cole does at the National I will be so very proud of my boy!!!! He's the little dog with a huge heart and only one month of training!!!!

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  1. Reply says:

    Go team Coley Bear! you’re absolutely right, he does have a very big heart and he wants to please you so much. He looks at you with total adoration. Good Luck at the Nationals! His fans will be there cheering for you every step of the way. Denise & Kodiac

  2. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Cooooley Bear~~~~ He sounds just like daddy Seabiscuit! I always say he’d do anything for me, and try even if he didn’t know how to do it. What great dogs!! Can’t wait to show him at the national!!!

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