Soleil X Edge pups 8 weeks

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We would like to thank Sarah and Billy from Just Shoot Me Photography for these great shots!!!

All the pups were great…. but certain little fluffy pups were a little less into the shoot. 🙂

11 Responses to Soleil X Edge pups 8 weeks

  1. Reply Jolene says:

    those are the nicest puppy pictures ever!!!!
    OMG what a lovely litter!…I am really liking the smooth, not sure who it is, the one on the left in the first 3 pictures….

  2. Reply Jolene says:

    my right looking at the pictures ! :))

  3. Reply Dianne Stretch-Strang says:

    Wonderful photos! These puppies are certainly an outstanding litter!

  4. Reply ETSjules says:

    From left to right
    Bristol, Cardiff, Brigg, Haddon and Alton.

  5. Reply ETSjules says:

    Thank you…. I am really enjoying this litter, They are fun pups.

  6. Reply Ray Lavelle says:

    Really nice pics…the pups are all beautiful. I know Diana has been stuck on Cardiff since day one…are you keeping any? Brigg, perhaps? I love Haddon and Alton’s my second fave, though they’re all gorgeous.

  7. Reply Jolene says:

    yup Alton’s the one, everytime I see the puppy pictures, Alton is always the one that draws my eye, right from the beginning…hmmm…time for a smoothie maybe LOL!!

  8. Reply Terry Fetner says:

    They are lovely pups… Thanks for sharing..

  9. Reply Kathy M says:

    Those are the prettiest pictures of the cutest pups. The pups are really so gorgeous, but how did you get all those pups to sit so nicely for pictures, WOW, I am in awe!

  10. Reply Terry Fetner says:

    Of course I really like Cardiff and Haddon. It will be interesting to see them as they get older. The smooths are lovely too.

  11. Reply says:

    wow Julie they are gorgeous! I’m still stuck on Alton but every single one of them is lovely. Hats off to the photographers, they made it look so easy. Denise

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