So.CA Sable Merle Meeting Video 1 of 7~ Tom Coen

Categories:The Sable Merle Collie

Here is the first of seven clips of the Sable Merle meeting that Tom Coen was nice enough to present to the So. Ca Collie Fanciers.

In this first clip you can see and hear the comment made by Tom himself about “@*#$%# the AKC” that he said he had heard from someone somewhere else. This is the comment that Bob Futh wrote about in an email that he claimed the the So Ca people treated Tom Coen badly and used foul language. You can hear for yourself there was no foul language from the So Ca people. Bob Futh never aplogized for this error on his part….. He or Sally just replied  that he/she does not like to hear foul language and to stick to the topic…. Well I think the topic of that email was that Tom himself was the one who said the foul language in repeating what someone else had told him. Bob/Sally basically lied and were caught in a lie.

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