Seabiscuit x Claire pups 11 wks


Russell, Easy To Spot’s No Regrets, was a standout from the second he was born. I have never seen a puppy with such a long neck. Russell is growing up to be a beautiful dog with a stellar temperament.
I am planning on starting puppy agility with Russell soon.Russell_2

Cole, Easy To Spot Whirlaway, has stolen my heart with his style and flawless movement. Cole just floats!! His reach and drive are stunning…it brings tears to my eyes. Cole and I will start herding this spring.Cole_4

Tirzah, ETS Entais Charismatic, was a “special order” that her owner co-breeder Diana had given to Claire. Diana got just what she ordered!!! A sable rough bitch that had to have style, neck, coat, movement a great temperament and a long lean head with a heart melting expression….Claire held onto this special little girl till the very last. Diana and I thought that Claire was done so Diana left to go home….not 7 mins. later out comes Tirzah!!!!! I called Diana and told her that her Rough sable bitch was born and that she had to come and see her! Tirzah will be doing agility and other fun stuff.Tirzah_4

Easy To Spot Gallorette, Gal, was drop dead gorgeous from a tiny pup!!! When she was born I thought YEAH!!! My beautiful sable smooth girl is finally here!!!! As she grew up I just was in love with her! Diana told me about Fred and Deb, a “perfect home” wonderful couple that wanted a smooth female show puppy. After meeting Fred and Deb I knew that Gal could not have found a better home!!! Gal is at the top of her class at puppy classes. Yes…Gal is still drop dead gorgeous!!!!!Gal_7wk_3

Pony, Easy To Spot Gallant Fox , was a little mighty mouse as a young puppy. He is growing up to be quite the hunky handsome boy. Pony went to live with Patty and Chuck in another dream puppy home! Patty and chuck bought Pony as a pet puppy but I think that this little boy will be able to gain his championship with no problems at all. Patty is planning on trying herding with Pony.Pony_5

Cort, was the first puppy born and we are still looking for a family for this sweet,sweet boy. Cort is as cute as a bug!!! He is sound, has very nice movement, a lovely clean head with a darling expression and the mushiest temperament. I think that Cort would make a very level headed pet or show dog.Cort_1

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