SB 250 Update 9/09/09

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From the CDOC site……..


If you were thinking of taking it easy today, maybe this will energize you.  This is from the supporters' website

Last Attempt for SB 250!

SB 250 had an initial vote in the Assembly on Tuesday, but did not get enough votes to pass.

We have 24 hours to change 13 of the following member's votes to YES. If ever there has been an SB 250 email to respond to with calls and to forward to other animal lovers, this is the one.

We can do this, we have changed minds in the past. Many of these members cast their initial vote based on misinformation from the opposition to the bill, and can be changed if we can clarify for them how critical it is to pass SB 250. The members who vote YES on SB 250 understand how important it is that we finally take action at the state level to address the tragic pet overpopulation problem in our state. Thank you for your help.

Member     Phone    Initial vote
Wesley Chesbro    916-319-2001    No
Noreen Evans    916-319-2007    No
Mariko Yamada    916-319-2008    No
Alyson Huber    916-319-2010    No
Fiona Ma    916-319-2012    Didn't vote
Nancy Skinner    916-319-2014    No
Joan Buchanan    916-319-2015    No
Sandré Swanson    916-319-2016    No
Cathleen Galgiani    916-319-2017    Didn't vote
William Monning    916-319-2027    Didn't vote
Anna Marie Caballero    916-319-2028    No
John Pérez    916-319-2046    No
Mike Davis    916-319-2048    No
Isadore Hall    916-319-2052    Didn't vote
Bonnie Lowenthal    916-319-2054    Didn't vote
Warren Furutani    916-319-2055    No
Charles Calderon    916-319-2058    No
Norma Torres    916-319-2061    No
Lori Saldaña    916-319-2076    Didn't vote
Marty Block    916-319-2078    Didn't vote
Mary Salas    916-319-2079    No
V. Manuel Pérez    916-319-2080    No
This is the most critical point ever for this bill, but we can do this. We have moved the bill in the past with your help.

You have brought us this far with your determination to help animals in California, THANK YOU. Please forward this email.


Judie knows the battle is not over and her supporters are not going away.  And those supporters have deep pockets and are not above talking about political opposition.  So if you are pleased with these legislators, if you plan to support them in the future, if these are the kinds of leaders you want in California, call and let them know.

CDOC and Save Our Dogs people are up in Sacramento walking the halls.  If you are making your calls, their job will be much easier.  Thank you.

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