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 1) The INFORMAL Poll that ran for two weeks at this email.
( ) is below:
Tallied – totaled 95 people.
There were 73 Collie Club of America members out of those voting.
Of the 73 Collie Club America members there were 60 voted in Yes, in favor of sable merles being included in the standard;
There were only 13 No votes from CCA members.
There were also 19 Non CCA members that are conformation show exhibitors; 18 voted Yes, in favor of sable merles being included in the standard, only 1 No vote.
There were 3 additional voters that did not ID themselves as cca or non cca members voted Yes, in favor.
Ours is not the only poll.

 2) The CCA CLOSED Members List ran a poll.
There results were out of 83 members, 52 Yes votes for change to add Sable merles to the standard, and 31 No votes.

3) CCA did an interview of 80 CCA members (of 2000 plus members ) just recently … no results have been posted yet.

 Conclusion so far: Of the two polls with results posted the numbers point to adding sable merles to the standard.

 If you have not voted ..or your friends have not voted… the informal poll is open again for ALL who have not voted before, please do so now 

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