Sable Merle Myth #2

Categories:The Sable Merle Collie

"Since the standard does not specifically preclude a Sable Merle it is
covered under the Sable and White color."

This theoretically is true…. but in real life the judges only have their standard books ringside… not any statements from parent clubs. So they also run into issues regarding the blue eyes…. On Blue Merles blue eyes are allowed but not on Sable merles under this "myth #2". If the sable merle is "allowed because it falls under the sable color then we run into the problem of matching eye color and brown eyes.

The merle gene can produce blue eyes and in a color that is recognized like the blue merle no problem….
in a color that is NOT included in the standard this becomes an issue.

The Blue merle and sable merle BOTH carry the same Merle gene…. So blue eyes are part of it. Fair is fair. I just think that it should be spelled out in print in the standard. No questions and the judges have the info right there ringside.

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