Pushing Past The Splat…….

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Here's to all you people that push past the splat.

Getting a dog for agility is not an easy task. If all the planets align you are in luck…. if not you have an interesting, sometimes frustrating road ahead. I admire the people that suck it up and just keep trying to find the right buttons that get their dog fired up, or listening, or just staying engaged long enough to do a couple of obstacles.

I understand what a hard decision it is for a handler who LOVES the game and having a dog that does not live for the game…. Does one keep the dog and find another game it enjoys, find it a really great home or continue working through whatever the issues are???

I have no opinion or judgment as to what the right answer is…. It is a personal choice and one that the handler needs to make. A hard decision any way you slice it.

I personally run a breed that is not very popular in agility. For my level of competition and my personal goals this works for me. I LOVE running my Dals!!! And I can honestly say I will never get a Border Collie. They are a great breed….. just not for me 🙂 Plus I get such a kick watching other breeds play agility!

I also run a young Papillon boy that is my heart dog. This boy can do no wrong in my eyes. He had a cluster of pretty traumatic experiences very early on in his training and I thought he would never play agility. We are taking it slow and to whatever level he plays and has a good time is perfect for me! I just showed him at his second show and he was beyond adorable!!! He seemed to have a great time and he tried so very hard for me…. And we had a perfect startline!!!!

I have the pleasure of watching many of my friends and their new pups. Some are great trainers and handlers and others not so much. I see the time and effort that each puts into their dogs. I KNOW that success is not measured by Q's but by those baby steps of victory…. We had a great teeter, or he was focused for 5 obstacles or she didn't run out of the ring……

I applaud all you loving, caring, patient people with the not so push button dogs……..

My good friend sent me this photo of her and her pup Hunda. I LOVE this photo because it captures the joy of reaching one of those milestones where you can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. You see the fruits of your labor. It's a moment of time that makes all the frustration, tears and effort all worth it!!!


CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that pushes past the splat!!!!! I am happy for you and oh so proud of you!!!!!

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