Puget Sound Dalmatian Club & Sammamish KC ~ 2008

So we packed up the pups and headed to the great Northwest!!! It was a LONG but beautiful drive. We have a roadtrip rule….no eating at franchisey type places….only mom and pop type places. Needless to say the trip up and back was quite yummy!!!! We met up with my friends and had a great time!!! Good to spend time and laughter with people you love.
 Mashy showed in agility all three days and earned his AKC AX title. Gracie and Dax were entered all three days in breed. Two specialties and one supported entry. The pups had just turned 6 months that week. Gracie won her sweeps class andwas really considered for Best Jr. in Sweeps and placed second in her reg. classes. Not too bad for my little agility dog!!!! Dax looked wonderful. This was the first time ever in a show and it took a couple go arounds for them to get the hang of it all. Daxie boy Major Reserve Winners Dog at both of the specialties and Winners Dog/BOW at the Samamish KC for a Major!!!!! I was so proud of the pups!!!!

Dax ~ Easy To Spot Never A Dull Moment    WD/BOW For a 4 point major at 6 months. It was raining pretty darn good!! We told some of the locals… In CA we are lucky to get 2 days of rain and they said they were lucky to get 2 days of sun…and that we had them Fri. and Sat!!!!!!

Grace ps

Grace ~ Easy To Spot Never Look Back  Won her Sweeps class and the judge was looking back and forth between Grace and the puppy that took Best Junior in Sweeps. This dog has stolen my heart!!!!

Dax ps

Dax winning a Major RWD first time in the ring at the first specialty. This dog takes my breath away!!!!

Dax 2 spec 

Dax  winning  his second  Major RWD  at the second specialty his second time in the ring!!!

CA scenery.


Somewhere in Oregon.

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  1. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Congratulations!!!! I’m glad he takes your breath away, cause when he wins at the National, it will make it worth ME & Dina driving YOUR FunRunner all by ourselves to OUR National!!!
    BTW…LOVE the purple & black outfit!!! Very, very nice!
    Love Diana

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