Papillon Club of America ~ 2010


We only were able to attend the agility portion of the National this year but it was a whole lot of fun!

The National was held in Des Moines, Iowa and i have to say that what we saw of Iowa was GORGEOUS!!!

Greeeeeen and lush! Daneen and Masher had some REALLY great runs and won High In Trial BOTH days…I

am so very proud of them!!!

I missed my little Aiden soooooo much…. I can't wait to take Doodie next year!!!


We landed in Iowa and the weather was beautiful….. until the skies opened up….

The first photo is right when we landed and the next two are as we are pulling out of the airport.



I have never in my life seen such huge raindrops!!!!


The trial was held in lovely Urbandale, Iowa.


Mushy is the best little traveler.


On the way to to trial on the first day we saw a racoon!!! So cute!!!


We ate at a place called The Machine Shed. The food was FABULOUS!!!!!

The condiment tray on our table said "Ful-O-Pep…. Loving Mush" so I took a photo. When I looked closer it really said "Ful-O-Pep….Laying Mash….hahahahah



Mashy REALLY hates our Family vacation photos!!! Daneen on the other hand is down with the program…

she stopped the car, grabbed Mush and climbed up on this and struck a pose and said blog photo!!!!



You can barely see the rainbow in the photo but it was breathtaking!!!


                                                             Raymond Dutton photo


                                                                          Raymond Dutton photo


Raymond Dutton photo

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  1. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    I love that “Loving Mush”!!! That was hysterical!!!!!!

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