My Dad

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My Dad was the perfect choice of a Father for me . He was strong, supportive, gave me the " You gotta do what you gotta do" & the  "You can do ANYTHING you set your heart, mind and soul to" attitudes and a glorious sense of humor!!! He enjoyed life to the full extent.
Dad had a full life with many challenges. He was my everyday hero as he had a major stroke at the age of 42 and rallied back to be fully functional…. driving, cooking, cleaning, gardening. Everything he did took extra effort as he had no use of his right side of his body…. putting on socks with one hand always amazed me. Dad was still Dad and it was good. Several years ago he started with symptoms of dementia/Alzheimer's…… which took its toll on Dad and the rest of the family. I am lucky enough to say that both of my parents are my hero's…. My Dad for overcoming such huge obstacle's and my Mom for showing such strength, courage, love and patience in being Dads main caregiver.
I would leave their house and just wonder how Mom kept it all together taking such good care of my Dad…. especially thru the later stages of this horrible disease. Always wondering if I had it in me to care for my partner in such a way. Scary stuff.
I am in a good place knowing my Dad is off to bigger and better adventures and just grateful that I picked him as my Dad.

My view of the heavens the night my Dad made his transition. Just glorious!!!!!


This is one of my favorite photos of me and Dad. He always encouraged and supported my passions.

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