Masher x Harmony puppies ~ 3 weeks

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Sorry we missed the 2 week photo op. It's been crazy busy here on the ranch 🙂

The two boys are doing great! They are super fat!!!! They look like beetlejuice puppies … their bodies are huge and they have little tiny heads :0

We still don't have names as Banger and Cracker just don't fit…. well not yet. Daneen says they are more like blobby and whiner.




This is Banger/Blobby. He is the bigger boy and tri markings are starting to come in now.




This is Cracker/whiner. This puppy looks like he will stay a black and white. He is quite the talker. He makes a funny purring noise that makes him sound like a raccoon.




3 Responses to Masher x Harmony puppies ~ 3 weeks

  1. Reply charlene smutny says:

    Ok Officially Jealous Mine still look Like Black Blobules 🙂

  2. Reply Judy C says:

    So CUTE! Lots of hair!!

  3. Reply dawn says:

    They look amazing! I am very jealous!

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