Josephine Project ~ Update ~ Ready for some action

Josephine 2 has come into season for the second time since being in Oregon. Luther and Julie have made a conserted effort to keep the two girls happy and comfortable. They have made an area for them away from the other pigs on the farm and have made a set up so that Dancer, the boar, can go in with Josephine 2 and Josephine 1 is still in the same pen but separated from them. This was done to keep the stress levels very low as these two sisters have been together their entire lives.

Josephine 1 still has not come into season so she has been started on hormone therapy. One of the best pig vets on the west coast is monitoring the breeding project very closely and the top pig vet on the the east coast is also being consulted.

We are very hopeful that we will have a litter or two from these 2 Josephines.


Photo 3

Josephine 2 and Dancer

Photo 3

Josephine 1 & 2 and Dancer having breakfast "together"

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