Impeach CCA Pres. Futh…………

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Well that very well may be the NEXT battle!!!!

The petition vote's deadline to be in the Tellers Committee is TODAY!!!!!!

I have a strong feeling that the amount of votes turned in will be HUGE!!!!!

I just hope the majority say YES!!!!!!!

We are sifting thru lots of stuff because Pres. Futh has sent out a letter that was posted on several lists:

To:  The Board of Directors

I have not been looking forward to writing this letter, although I knew it was inevitable.  Inevitable became immediate when I received the attached letter from James Crowley.
The Executive Secretary of the American Kennel Club, James Crowley, has reviewed documents sent by a concerned CCA member and a registered parliamentarian and he concurs with the findings of the PRP that the petition and subsequent ballot were not in order.  I asked the board in April to disavow the petition and you failed to do so. Now Mr. Crowley has given us the official opinion of AKC that the vote was done incorrectly. The ballots are not to be opened. The tellers committee chair shall keep them in a locked and secure manner.
We are down to the wire.  It is time to do what is right, even if it is not popular.  We cannot act contrary to our or AKC’s constitution and bylaws.
Robert Futh, president
CC. Mr. James Crowley
Attachments:  Letter from Janine Walker-Keith
Letter from James Crowley, AKC Exec. Secy. 
Second letter from JWK
PRP statement of appropriateness
PRP complete analysis
Also sent: supporting documents sent to Mr. Nolan and to Mr. Crowley

I am SURE that not ALL the correct info and paperwork were given to A Parliamentarian or the AKC.

Has Futh told the Tellers Committee NOT to count the votes???What a slap in the face to ALL CCA members…. however they voted!!!!!

This blatant disregard to the members, the CCA constitution, the AKC and The Collie is the reason I feel that impeachment is in order……..

time will tell if yet another petition of 100 EASY to get signatures will be needed…..

CCA members are fed up with Futh's bullshit and not just on the sable merle issue!!!!!!

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