Daneen ran Ella on Sat and their Jumpers run was pretty nice until Ella got sucked into a OC tunnel.
The Standard run was looking good until Ella got on the table and said "WAIT a minute… YOUR not my mom!!!" Then she ran out of the ring to look for me…..

Sun I ran her and we had a bit of a bobble on the weaves in the STandard course and the rest looked good. Our jumpers run was very nice!!! The end was not pretty but we Q'ed …. of course I videoed the runs on Sat and not on Sun. So that was Ella's third leg in Open jumpers!!!!! She is now Easy To Spot Oh My Heavens NA OAJ !!!! Here is her ribbon since I didn't take my camera on Sun.

 Open JWW – 20 Inch – Judge: Susan McClair
              Distance: 115 yards  SCT: 33 seconds
              Score: 100 (Q)  Time: 28.14 seconds  1st Place

Ella oaj

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