Giddeon x Crash puppies ~ 9 weeks ~ candids

The pups went to the Papillon Specialty with me this weekend. They are getting bigger and starting to catch up to their age. They are good little eaters and they got their ears put in for the first time!!! They were perfect angels.




Juaquin & Milagro








Cidro & Milagro

6 Responses to Giddeon x Crash puppies ~ 9 weeks ~ candids

  1. Reply says:

    look how good they are being. now they look like little collie puppies. They are getting so many outings, they are going to be very well socialized. Esperanza looks like she has a pretty thick coat doesn’t she? So glad they are doing so well.

  2. Reply ETSjules says:

    They were so good! I have never put in such little collie ears!! Yes Esperaza’s coat is different than the other pups. They are all so cute!!!
    I am glad they are doing well too.

  3. Reply Jolene McCuaig says:

    wow what a difference doing the ears makes, now they look like little collies, super cute!

  4. Reply Ray Lavelle says:

    They are so cute. I’m curious how that crazy merling is gonna look with smooths. Should be interesting. So, it looks like you did the ears 2 different ways. What’s the reasoning behind that?

  5. Reply ETSjules says:

    Because I ran out of tape 🙂

  6. Reply Lee says:

    Now they look like collie puppies, what a difference.

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