Giddeon x Cole puppies 3 days old

Well I thought the problems with Giddeon's last litter was probably a fluke. Wishful thinking. The pups were not gaining and I had to start tube feeding them. UGH!!! Last time I didn't know what I was in for and there was a desperate fight for life with the last litter. This time I KNOW what it is all about… up every 4 hours.

I lost one of the little boys. He just was not strong enough. It is very sad and not one of my favorite parts of this at all 🙁

The remaining 4 pups seem to be doing well and are gaining weight and look content. Giddeon is trying and I guess being a mom is just not her thing. We won't ever be doing this again.

The wind has been howling since these pups were born…. so we went with a windy theme.
















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  1. Reply Denise Christou says:

    Sorry for the hard time with this litter and losing the one boy. At least the last go around with Giddeon gave you the experience to catch these in time to give them the best of care. Best of luck with these cute guys. I love their names.

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