*Free RAW FOOD for pets in the Los Angeles area!!!!

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We belong to a landfill diversion program and we pick up 1000's of pounds of meat a week. The meat is NOT for human consumtion and for use in feeding animals ONLY. *While the actual meat is free we do ask for a nominal handling fee to help cover time, gas and the energy to run the freezers.

We pick up twice a week and sort the meat and put it into our freezers. We are located in Acton, CA  and you can come to Acton and choose your own meat or you can email me at ez2spot@earthlink.net

with your prefrances of meat ( such as chicken, beef, pork, ground, with bone without bone etc.) and schedule to pick up at our Northridge location or at a local Dog show or agility trial.

We get quite a nice assortment of meats. Most without bone but some with bone.

Whether your feed a RAW diet or home cook for your pets you can't beat the value and the variety this program offers!! People have been getting the boneless meats and dehydrating the meat and using for treats!!! No " Made in China" worries here. We get lots of bonless chicken and people have been cooking it and using for treats and bait.

Wildlife rehabs have been taking advantage of this program and feeding the wild animals they are rehabbing.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like to try a sample bag of the program meat.

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