England 2012 ~ Part 8

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Could not have asked for better weather here at the show.
The courses are proving to be very typical British courses – twisty, bactracky, and super naggy. They are crazy mean courses.

They run an agility and a jumping course each day and the combination of the 4 runs are tallied and a certain percentage of the top dogs run in a finals called the Dina's Classic. It does not really go towards anything but it is still fun!!!

The first day we did ok in the agility course and had one oopsie in the jumping round. We got a second place in the agility class.
The second day we did really well on the agility course and nearly made it around in the jumping.

My good friend Smiffy's the catering wagon is here!!!! Yumm Yumm!!!! Couldn't wait for my fried egg, cheese and onion baguette !!!!

Daneen & Masher  have made it into the Dina's Classic Finals that will be run later today. What fun.

The dogs in need show is two days of classes and one day off with the Jr. and the small and medium finals run, then 2 more days of classes and the large DINAS finals run on Sunday.

Most people use this week as a holiday so the day of rest is really nice. You can sleep in or take the day and go do other stuff… that is unless you are in the finals today. The finals started about 9:00. They split the juniors up into 12 and under and over 12. It was really cute to see the juniors out there running with their dogs. Some of them were quite good too!!!

Masher ran in the finals which combined grades 6 & 7. They had a smoking run!!!! They won the grade 6&7 small Dina's Classic tournament!!!!

I had technical issues with the video so was unable to get the run πŸ™ It was lovely tho!!!

Later in the day they had a 5 K walk that all the proceeds go to the Macmillon nurses. They are a group of non profit hospice nurses.




 What a nice guy and the food is really really good!!!



 First place in the second day grade 6 DINAS Challenge agility run. This run was MR. Toads Wild Ride!!! I could not speak for a few minutes and just stood there with my mouth open.



The DINAS Finals Small and Medium were so much fun to watch!!! Mashie smoked the grade 6 and 7 times πŸ™‚



First place and winner of the 2012 DINAS Challenge Grade 6 Small



 Nice to see a familiar face. Jeri is the local I Love Dogs rep just like my good friend Deb Harpur….. and the similarities are mind blowing!!!! ( maybe not this outfit )  I forgot to pick up salad dressing at the store so for one of the dinners salad was on the menu…. they use salad cream….. TG Gerry had good ol Blue Cheese Dressing in her caravan. She was a life saver!!!



 Went for tea at Tracey and Pauls. What a nice spread and yummy too!!!


Went out one of the nights with Jeri, Bonny and Kristy. Much to Daneen's dissmay it was Indian again πŸ™


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