England 2012 ~ Day One

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 The weather has been wonderful since we have arrived. We were a bit worried as it had pretty much been raining nonstop here in England since May!!

We headed out to the training field to work the dogs and the words just can not describe how beautiful and lush the countryside looks!

Daneen was a bit worried with the jump height Mush has to jump over here but he is a really good jumper and didn't even think twice about the height. He looks good.



 We were so excited to see the Dancer x Puzzle puppies. The two boys are beyond adorable!! Dancer is a great mother just like her mother is. I can not even tell you how amazing it is to hold little Mashy grandpups!!! They are two weeks old now so they should start really moving around during the weeks that we are here.


 Getting a little tune up and giving Mashy a little warm up before the whirlwind show tour.


 Masher was happy happy happy!!!!



 At the training facility there is no proper loo…. someone that shall ramian nameless failed to warn me of this wicked plant called Stinging Nettle. TG I only brushed against it with my two fingers and didn't back up into it!!!! WOWZIE!!!! OH SUGAR, does it sting!!! I first thought that it had left a bunch of little stickers in my hand but it didn't it just stung the crap out of it. It burned and stung all night. I was told that a plant called DOC plant always grows close to stinging nettle and PWSRN looked but I do not think she looked all that hard.

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  1. Reply Jean Muenster says:

    I love this! Feels like I’m reading a book where a new chapter is released every day or two! England looks gorgeous and Daneen and Mashy look so happy and relaxed. Have a great time at the trial this weekend! Jean

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