Ella…First night of class


Ella and I started our puppy agility class last night. At 10 months old she was the oldest pup in a sea of 3-5 months old pups. Well not really a sea… more like a creek. I suspect that fall and winter classes are much smaller than the warmer weather brighter skies classes.

We covered the intro’s and puppy basics like socialization and the ” super puppy checklist”. Our First lesson was ” lie, stand,down” and we played a toy drive inducing game called “get that thing”… Ella was doing very well and going thru tons of hot dogs!!! She figured out the sit in one click and the stand almost faster!! She could not grasp the down last night tho.

Then the fun began….we got to start them on some agilty obstacles!!!! We started with the tunnel. First go was with the tunnel all scrunched up so that it was short. Ella had no problem!!!! WHy would she??? There were hotdogs at the other end!!!! Second and third time the tunnel was made longer and the pups started farther away from the entrance.

Next was the table and seeing if the pups minded the teeter as it banged on the ground. Ella passed both of these with flying colors.

Ella seems to be very focused on me and very food and toy motivated. It also helps that she is a quick learner….granted she is not a Border Collie but she is smart and quick!

Homework…..sit,stand,down, & Get that thing & Down & the super puppy checklist.

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