Ella my new Rally Dog!!!


So I have a goal that I am working on and it involves Ella and Rally. Of course in my typical style I decide the goal and with only 3 weeks of training I enter Ella in Rally Novice!!!

She is truly a great dog!!!

She had so much fun working and it just makes me smile when I watch her videos because her tail never stops!!!!

4 shows 4 Q’s with a first and 2 third places!!!!

Scan 77

I have not done Rally in over 4 years and that was just a quick wham bam thank you mam to get a title on Sydney ( Ella’s mother) so that I could breed her to Slade.

I was pleasantly surprised at the whole Rally experience this time around. While I was still crazy nervous it was not as bad as the last time around. Everyone involved in Rally that I saw, from the judge and stewards to the exhibitors were so friendly and helpful that it made the entire adventure fun and leaving me wanting to do more of it.


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