CPA ~ Dalmatians~ USDAA 08

I had been showing Ella in agility and we were having issues with our weaves so I decided that we would take a little break and just continue to train and start trialing next year again. Well entries closed for this trial as I made this decision so I only entered the bare minimum because I knew I would be going so I might as well try to get the Q's I still need in the Advanced classes. Ella has been doing better and better on her weaves  the last couple of weeks at class.

We entered Advanced Standard, Jumpers and Gamblers. Ella hit ALL her contacts in Gamblers and had PERFECT weaves!!!!…. we didn't get the gamble…. but had a GREAT run!!!! I was THRILLED!!! In our Standard run Ella was wonderful got the weaves on the second try…. and in jumpers I had a bobble and sent her into a tunnel….We didn't Q on any of our runs… But I had a TERRIFIC day!!!! It felt better than I can describe with words….. to work with your dog as one and handle a course with ease!!!! What a rush!!! I entered Friday only but went to socialize pups the next 2 days….. I kinda wished I had entered the whole weekend!!! This sport IS addicting!!!

 Most people start agility  with "their" breed and a good portion end up with a "more competitive breed" such as a Border Collie…. Me??? I am HAPPY, HAPPY,HAPPY with my little Dalmatian!!!! She has just enough speed and just enough naughtiness to keep my interest…. and you really don't see many Dalmatians here in So. CA at the trials !!! My girl is very EASY TO SPOT in the sea of Border Collies, Shelties and Jacks….. And I am training my next puppy for agility and she is a little liver Dalmatian!!!! It's all good!!!!!

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  1. Reply Katja Dolenc says:

    What a nice job you are doing with your dalmatian. I am from Slovenija and I am also owner of 11 month old dalmatian bitch Pippa. And we also do agility :DD We are just begin with agility class, but we both just love it!! Pippa is one crazy little dalmatian, who just love to run with me. Her in Slovenija there is also just one dalmatian dog. And a lot of border collies..
    I wish you both just hun and hapiness..
    Katja @ Pippa

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