Collie Club of America 2010


I had a great time at the 2010 Collie Club of America National. The weather was FABULOUS!!!!



This is the first year I did any performance events at a national and I had a blast!!!

I entered Cole in Herding, Rally, Agility and Conformation. My goal was to qualify in the 3 perf. events we entered. We did….. then I wanted to win the Most Versatile Collie Award!!! Cole was runner up to the MVC for 2010!!!


I LOVE this dog!!!!


And I think he is pretty crazy about me too!!!!

My friends and supporters are priceless!!! I was pretty stressed going out for this MVC so Daneen came and supported me for the agility portion then she flew off to the AKC Agility National in OK. Char then came to support and help. She was fabulous in helping keep a handle on my nerves and we were gigglasourases. We laughed more about the potty violations that were EVERYWHERE. Denise was very helpful in our Rally portion of the event. Diana and Char showed my pups in Conformation which took a ton of pressure off of me. 


We had a few Potty Violations right in our own backyard….. WTF?!?!?!?!?

This is the first time I have stayed in the RV at any National. I have to say that I really enjoyed it!!!! Home away from home. We stayed next to Diana and we giggled and laughed the ENTIRE time. It felt like the the good ol' acre buddies days. Partners in crime strike again!!! You know what they say… what one does not think of the other does.


Cole, Cory, June Bug and Min. Poodle Mica


June Bug


My two little Paps came along for the ride. Aiden is a bit of a lickaholic.


Cole was looking pretty exhausted here πŸ™‚

I think the theme for this (any Collie National) should be " Chock full O' Fun !!! There must have been 5 tons of chalk at this venue!!



The food was great and God must have heard me and been pretty tired of how many times I said wish the Cheese on a Stick wagon was open…. because on the last day low and behold Hot Dog on a stick was OPEN!!!!! Cheese on a Stick is on my last meal menu πŸ™‚


So as in everything there are good people and shitty people and so it is with breeders also. I saw a couple of the wonderful breeders I have had the pleasure of getting dogs from and it was good to see them again. I also spent some "quality" time with the some of the COOLEST breeders ever!!! Funny, nice, honest, ethical, understanding, real …. what a nice breath of fresh air seeing as I have had 5 out of 7 smooths that have not turned out.


Cole and Diana getting ready to go in for BOV












Cory placed 3rd in his Am Bred class.


June Bug




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    What pretty collies!!!! Love them all!!

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