Chronicles of the Great Weave Challenge…..

Day 5:

I closed the weaves up just about 1/4 inch. Aiden ran about 12 good runs and we mixed it up a bit… jump weave and changed sides.

Day 4 :

oops the day got away from me and we lost light. I think a little break so Aiden can wrap his little brain around this is not a bad thing:)


Day 3 :

Today went well. Aiden is getting more confidence working at home and gaining more speed. We were able to go both directions and getting letteral distance and he is looking for the weaves and making his entries. They are still open really wide πŸ™‚

Had about 12 good runs and two "good try, let's try again" runs.


Day 2:

I was a little more prepared today in that I moved the Dals, swept the leaves, wore the right shoes and hosed down the area before I took Aiden out to work. Next time I need to give the area plenty of time to dry fully because Aiden was hopping over all the wet areas…..sigh…..

We worked one short session and Aiden was great. I got more speed and we had about 12 really good runs. 2 good try buddy…. let's try again. Not bad. The weaves are still REALLY wide open πŸ™‚

Day 1 :

 So I assembled the channel weaves and set them up. That in itself is a major step:0

I bought a used manners minder so I could work by myself on the weaves….. it really means less running πŸ™‚

We started with the channels open to 6 inches. We had on and off been working the channels at the training place so I thought that looked about right….. I said " Aiden weave!" Aiden said "What! What weaves, I don't see anything!"


I opened them up REALLY big and and since I don't work my dogs here at home it was a challenge to get him focused. I had to change my shoes, move the Dalmatians and sweep the leaves away from the weaves.


I finally got Aiden running -not his full speed tho- thru the weaves to the manners minder.

We did 2 very short sessions and ended on a really good weaves. He did about 10 correct weaves.

3 Responses to Chronicles of the Great Weave Challenge…..

  1. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Manners Minder???? Rake leaves, move Dalmatians…..sounds like work to me. Might be why I don’t train at all. Good job thou!

  2. Reply ETSjules says:

    It IS work!!!! I HATE the teeter and weaves!!!!

  3. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Maybe if you showed us a video it would be more fun. Start with the racking, washing the ground, watching it dry, moving dals around. Petting the collies, bracing ears and unloading meat from Costco. Then Aiden.

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