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  1. Reply RSH says:

    Interesting. I advocate in Texas for the welfare of animals and we just lost in Austin to a new law for the city. Someone forgot to tell me. I am also on the a Legislative Ad Hoc Committee and Higher BOD’s. We have our work cut out for us coming up. Starting Jan 11. Once again they are going to try and pass a Puppy Mill Bill again. This has already been drafted. Certain Non-profits have spend $3.2 Million dollars to fight us already and we are in serious trouble. One thing that no one goes after is Health and Human Service who provide the funds for the shelters and so forth. One thing I notice is that the State Bar’s are involved up to there eye balls in this mess. I had some of our military go into see some of there rep’s and senators. I have told everyone they must go to the office because I see what they do. Even though I am on another serious BOD I check into the Federal sector also. I am grateful to California for there fight. One thing I have also seen is that more (pet traders) they are calling those in Austin, TEXAS is that those who show, rescue, search, military, etc are not coming together like they should and I feel that to many have taken the issues as a joke and it will not happen to me attitude. This is not a party issue either. Anyhow. Thanks for the information. Animal Planet is not coming down to Houston, Texas anymore. I do know that the Constables on the show were at the Capital teaming up with the shelter there to get certain State Laws passed. Honestly, I do not know what has happen to this county with our animals but I feel that these un licensed regulators need to be exposed. I have a serious lobbist on our Health Care. The very best to you all. I finally had a moment to view the internet for just a moment when I saw that beautiful pup. Purebreds are our history. As I said in a sub committee hearing two years ago. We will have no animals in ten years and it will be a non-profit that will threw us all in jail. Oh, I do this for free and I have no animals. Thank you again for the knowledge.

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