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This is an interesting read. Very telling that one of the candidates didn't even take the time to answer the questions!!!! Thank you Carol for asking these questions. ~jules

Below is a list of questions posed to the current CCA Presidential Candidates as well as the candidate’s subsequent responses.  These questions were compiled by a group of CCA Members in an effort to make a more informed decision between the two candidates.

Hopefully you find the responses helpful in making your decision for the upcoming CCA Presidential Election.

Carol Dunton


1.)  What do you consider the most pressing issue(s) facing the CCA?
      a.)  How do you anticipate handling or approaching these issues?

2.)  What do you consider the most pressing issues facing conformation within the CCA?
     a.)  How do you anticipate handling or approaching these issues?

3.)  What do you consider the most pressing issues facing performance within the CCA?
     a.)  How do you anticipate handling or approaching these issues?

4.)  What will be your approach to filling the open committee positions?

5.)  Do you believe there should be term limits for committee chairs?
     a.)  Please explain

6.)  Are there any committees that you do not plan to continue?
     a.)  If not, please explain

7.)  Are there any committees that currently do not exist that you would like to see created?
     a.)  If so, please explain

8.)  Were you in support of having a performance person filling a position on the Show Rules Committee?
     a.)  Please explain

9.)  What performance related changes would you like to see in relation to the National Specialty and the Show Rules?

10.)  Do you feel the Sable Merle situation was properly handled?  Please explain.
     a.)  Do you plan on addressing the issue?
     b.)  If so, how will you go about doing that?

11.)  Do you feel the Logo situation was properly handled?  Please explain.
     a.)  Do you plan on addressing this issue?

12.)  Do you feel that the performance community is being adequately represented?
     a.)  If not, what are your ideas to increase the performance community's representation?

13.)  Do you have any ideas on how to generate interest for, as well as increase membership within, the CCA?

14.)  Do you have any ideas on how to increase CCA Members participation in regard to serving on committees as well as volunteering for other CCA Duties?


Bob Myers Response:

Below you will find my responses to your questions. These are made with the current information I have.

1 The most pressing issue as I see it is getting our publications back on a set and timely manner. This also affects our ability to communicate as well as educate our members, with info on health, breeding, care as well as mentoring.
We need to look at all options available, do we want a paper copy only, do we want wireless copy or do we want some combination of the two. Is it time to hire a professional with a volunteer to proof the final draft. This job is a huge undertaking and maybe we have reached the time to make a major change.
No matter what we do the editors should be allowed to do their jobs without outside intervention. Good people will give a good product.
With timely publications our communication to the membership improves, our education of the membership improves as well as it gives valuable asset towards membership of the club. This should help in recruiting new members as well as retaining old ones.
With better education materials and information getting to our members we become a smarter and more versed club.
As members of the CCA we need to respect each other even if we do not always agree. We should all be able to agree to disagree without being disparaging to each other. The collie should always come first.

2&3 I will always be willing to listen to both conformation and performance ideas and suggestions. We can always make improvements and should always be trying to advance all aspects of the collie. Both conformation and performance people need to work on accepting each other respecting their ideas.

4 If elected president, the 1st VP, 2nd VP and myself will evaluate all committees and their members as to their assigned goals, have they meet them, are they working to a conclusion and are they a needed asset to the operation of the club. We would then talk to all chairmen and members as to their continued work on said committees.
Some committees may change in part or as a whole. Possible new chairman would be interviewed by the 3 of us and nominations made to the BOD. All other members would be selected by the chairman and sent to the BOD for approval.
These positions are vital to our club and should be filled with the most capable people at all times.
I also would like to divide the committees into three groups with the president and both VP having oversight over a particular group. This would make for more efficient operation of the committees and make access to the executive officers easier, as well as splitting the work load over all.

5 Technically all committee chairs serve for 2 years and then are either reappointed for another two years or replaced. Term limits are something that certainly could be looked at by the constitution committee if requested.
I would like to see someone from within each committee to be designated as chairman in training, to facilitate a smoother transition when a chairman might step down or be replaced.

6 This question relates to #4 in that after evaluations there could be some not retained. At this time I could not make that decision.

7 There are two committees that I know will be added, the first is the Constitution committee. This is a committee that should always be in operation. It can help answer questions and make changes that arise during normal club business.
The second will be a Standard Revision Committee in accordance with the membership vote. It will be established to determine the wording to go before the membership to either vote to change the standard or leave it as is. As I have stated before my opinion on this is mine, but the membership as a whole must be allowed to make this decision.

8 Yes I do feel a performance person should be a member of the Show Rules committee. It only makes good sense to have all facets of the showing community represented. This is the committee designated to form the guidelines for all of or national show activities.

9 I would like to see all facets of the performance areas under the guidelines of the Performance (Working) collie committee. ie Versatility, HIC, Obedience, Agility, Herding, Tracking etc. This committee should be a sub committee under the National show chairman.

10 This question was answered the reply to #7. I do not believe in rehashing what was done previously is in the best interest of the club. The membership has spoken let’s move forward.

11 I feel very strongly that the CCA should own, have total control over its logo. I will start this process immediately to either secure our current logo or bid for a new one.

12 I think we have made improvements on the performance side of our club being more represented
in our activities. Are we there totally, probably not. There can always be improvements. Both the conformation and performance people need to be more accepting of each other and their goals. We are after all wanting what is best for the collie. We should all be working toward that goal. I do not have any specific ideas in mind but will always be willing to listen to any and all ideas.

13 This goes back to question 1. We need to be a more welcoming club. We are all ambassadors for the breed. If you see an exhibitor at a show who you don’t recognize, engage them in a conversation. Take time to talk to people when asked questions, give them tips on how to show, and how to care for their dogs. Give all interested people a few minutes of your time. With more timely publications we have more to offer than just membership dues.

14 Membership participation is something that people have to want to do. They have to feel like they have a voice and can help make a difference. When people volunteer they want to feel like they are needed. I intend on trying to make our club friendlier and more accessible. People can not be forced to volunteer they must want to. I will always be available to talk to any and all members by phone, e-mail or in person. I would hope that all officers and directors will do the same.
Thank you for this opportunity to answer some of your questions. I look forward serving as your president and guiding our club into a very bright future. Remember we are here to protect and advocate for the Collie.

Robert A.(Bob) Myers


Sylvie Lingenfelter’s Response:

I want to thank you for the opportunity to post my platform. 

I am sure most members received the personal email that I also sent with my thoughts for the future of the CCA.  And for those that do not know who I am or want more information please refer to my campaign letter and background in collies on my web site

Please refer to my comments also on ColliesOnline and in the CCA Newsletter.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays to all.

Sylvie Lingenfelter
Candidate for President
Glenorka Collies

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