CCA Elections

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This post is under the sable merle category but this election and the blatant underhanded things that have been going on in the CCA go WAY beyond the sable merle issue.

So elections are underway for CCA. I am sure that most people have already received their ballots.
This is the only way you as a member can voice your opinions where it counts! Take this opportunity to be heard and make a statement!!!!

If your DD has kept you informed of CCA issues and voted the way their district wants, then vote them back in and send them a thank you note! If they have not then why would you want them back in that position???

Do your research and Bios of candidates are out.

I am shocked and disgusted with all the crap, lies and outright disregard for the membership that the current president and others in elected positions have displayed!!

I am voting for Bob Myers as I truly believe that the other candidate running for president will just give us two more years of the same crap.

Whoever you vote for is your business but I sure hope that you take the time and DO vote!!!!

I really wish we would have started the impeachment process with Bob Futh as it would have at least sent a message to the incoming officers.

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