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  Posted by: "Marion L. Johnson" colliesncardis
  Date: Thu Jan 22, 2009 8:42 am ((PST))

It seems to me that things are getting worse with our parent club and not better. No matter what a few vocal people say, no matter what the majority votes to approve or initiate, nothing really gets done.
Our first concern should be for the collie: how to better the breed (dog) in every way. The 2nd concern should be for the rank and file members, who expect only a few things for their membership dues: timely yearbook, bulletin, newsletter, a national specialty to plan to attend /dream about.
Thirdly, a board of directors that listen to their members and then try to support what the general membership (the people in their states) want.
There is so much discord and so much stalemate, nothing is really getting done…

I think we are out of touch with the real world and while maintaining "status quo" has merit, it will not benefit the  one reason for the CCA's existence: namely: bettering the collie….
Representing the state of MO,I know my members want an accessible ,affordable, and  friendly national, a timely yearbook, . Mo  members has asked that the sable merle issue be addressed, they supported a regional herding trial in this area, they support donating funds to help various collie interest-based organizations. In return they get timely updates from me and a monthly newsletter. They are informed and  their opinions are expressed, but still, on a national level, their voices are ignored.

I believe this is a national not just a MO malady. Is maintaining the same old status quo REALLY WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COLLIE?

I am asking that our officers and DD put aside personal agendas and work as a team to serve both the collie and the general membership who support us, When any committee is formed and approved, it then behooves said committee to perform its function and purpose with dispatch.

Thank you for listening
permission to cross post.

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