Caribbean Cruise 2006


So, I am REALLY not a beach kinda gal either. Daneen called me and asked if I wanted to go to the Caribbean. The first thought that went thru my head was Wow!! What an adventure!!! Then the second thought was of the “beach scene”. Thank God that I always go by my first thought gut feelings because it was quite an adventure!!! We flew into Miami and stayed in South Beach over night and from there we sailed to Grand Cayman, Hondouras, Belize and a storm came in and we had to skip Costa Maya.
This trip rated an A+++ in the animal dept. We toured a turtle farm in Grand Cayman. Most people just looked at the turtles….we touched them and made them kiss us!!!! I am sure that they were thrilled!!!Dsc_0038

Hondouras was beautiful and the locals were very pleasant. I was doing some shopping in the flea market type area and shooting the stuff I like to shoot. I was standing in a vendors stall looking out to the street and sidewalk. I noticed the most stunning red flower and as I was making my way to shoot it closer I saw that a little girl walking with her friend/sister? reached over and picked it right off the plant. I stopped and for a split second was very sad until I saw that she had the biggest smile on her face and handed the stunning flower to her friend. That left me with the warmest fuzziest feeling. I asked the girls if I could take their picture and well here they are with the flower.

In Hondouras I got to check off yet another childhood dream!! To swim with dolphins!!!!!! Here is a shot of Fiona my new friend! This was just AMAZING!!!! In my next life I want to work with dolphins and Killer whales!!!!
I would go back to Hondouras in a heartbeat!! These are beach houses that are on a private beach just a 5 min. boat ride to where all the dolphins live!!! What a vacation that would be!!!!

The Stingray Adventure had to be the most fun I have ever had! We laughed so hard the ENTIRE time!!!
We took a boat out about 30 mins. and stopped at the place that these VERY hungry little creature hang around. I have not been in the water since I got certified to SCUBA dive a billion years ago and had forgotten the whole COLD salty water thing! The grey suction mouthed piggies with very long tails made up for the whole water and bathing suit thing.

So you grab a handful of squid and hold it for the little stingrays to suck out of your hands …you have to let go because they suck soooo hard that they can suck your hand in and bite….and let me tell you…they bite VERY hard!!! They were so STARVING that a few would climb, slither right up your back and up to your face. We screamed we laughed!! They have huge eyes and when you hold the food out of the water they come up and blow water with a loud whoosh from their gills. What a kick this was!!



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  1. Reply KathyF says:

    I’ve been catching up on your blog…love the puppy pics! I’ve been to Honduras, but not the beach. We have relatives there, in Tegucigalpa. I hear both coasts are beautiful–good to see the pics confirm that!

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