BRAVO Raw Meat order Dec. 09

 We are still planning on doing Oma's Pride orders in the future. The problem is that we need to place a min. 1800 pound order to get the discount that everyone is used to. We normally make up about 600 pounds every order and we are not needing that much so we will be placing Oma's orders a little more spread out….. not the every 8 weeks like we have in the past.

We have now added another RAW Diet supplier that is local and have a WAY smaller min. order needed to place an order.

We are now stocking and ordering BRAVO Raw foods as well as the Oma's Pride.

This next order will be from BRAVO. Here is there website so you can read about the products they offer.


We will be working on a price sheet to make ordering easier.

BRAVO carries 2 options:

Original Formula– Is basically a complete diet. Meat, bone, veggies and organ meat. Comes in 2 #, 5# and 10# chubs per 30# case.

  Available in





Pork is only available in 2# chubs.

Basic Formula – Ground Meat & Bone. NO organ meat or veggies.

 Available in

Chicken 2# & 5#
Turkey  2# & 5#
Rabbit  2# ( 14 # case not 30# case)
Lamb   2 #
Elk     2# (14 # case not 30# case)
Duck    1 # ( 14 # case not 30# case
Ostrich 2# ( 14# case not 30# case)

We feel this product allows for the most variety to you at the best cost per pound.

People using the meat from our "Meat program" can use either the Original Formula or the Basic Formula for the bone.

Prices are very close to Oma's prices. Orders need to be in by Sun. Dec. 13th for delivery on or near Thurs. Dec. 17th.

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  1. Reply Nichole says:

    I know this was an old link, but can you still get Bravo and specifically the Rabbit? How much? Dyce can ONLY eat rabbit, no other ingredients. VERY hard to find!

  2. Reply ETSjules says:

    Nichole, Creston Valley Meats carries rabbit.

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