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I was at the So. CA Sable Merle meeting that Tom Coen was kind enough to present for us unable to attend the 09 CCA Sable Merle meeting. Tom Coen was given the utmost respect by all who attended. We for the most part just didn't agree with Tom that there is not a problem with the Sable Merle not being included in the current standard. Even tho there was disagreement with this point ….. we ALL showed respect and thanked him and the committee for their hard work and time. I have the ENTIRE meeting on video. So I am not sure how anything different was reported to Bob Futh.~jules

"MAY Newsletter

Survey to All Members

There exists a great deal of confusion about what has occurred so far
and what is still going to happen to survey CCA’s membership regarding
any change to the Collie Standard of Perfection, particularly in
regard to the current widespread concern about judging the Sable

At the Springfield National last month, a successful conference on the
progress to date of the Standard Review Committee was held with over
eighty members in attendance. The information that Tom Coen presented
in a full hour and half was so complete that when he asked for
questions multiple times, there were none.  Everyone must remember,
please, that this committee was appointed less than three months
before.  They did an unprecedented amount of work in that time.

When Tom was in California a week before the CCA he met with a group
out there and explained what progress had been made.  I was not there
but heard from several members that he was treated badly.  There were
even verbal remarks to disobey the AKC’s rules, but using more vulgar
terms.  Following this and before the national, there were rumors of a
petition which would seek to usurp the officially appointed
committee’s work.

AKC asked to see the petition if it ever materialized.  At the
national I was told of the petition and received a copy on April 16.
It was obviously out of order for several reasons and I consulted AKC
on how to handle this.  Mike Liosis and Mari-Beth O’Neill helped with
the wording of my statement to make it absolutely correct.  I gave the
whole Board the opportunity to subscribe to my ruling the petition out
of order, as AKC asked me to do.

This was because the petition’s demand to vote on specific changes was
contrary to AKC guidelines for member clubs to amend Standards and
because the Committee’s activity was approved by the Board.  Thus the
committee’s efforts have precedence over a petition (motion) to act by
special meeting. I told the petitioner this at Springfield. Mr. Liosis
confirmed this statement citing Robert’s Rules (RONR).

The Standard Review Committee will now continue with their work by
surveying the entire membership.

I always welcome any and all personal contact from CCA members.

This is a better way to handle problems than resorting to gossip,
innuendo and inaccurate statements on the internet.

Have a great summer.

Bob Futh"


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