Black Mountain KC 2008 ~ Dalmatians

The Black Mountain KC held their inaugural Breeders Showcase Sweepstakes this year. Only the breeder could show each dog, champions were allowed and their was a puppy division and an adult division. I showed Dax and Cole.

The weather was WINDY and COLD!!!! Dax went in the ring first and won the Breed. Then I took Cole in and he won the breed. Good start! Next were puppy groups followed by adult groups.

I took Dax in first and he won the puppy Non-Sporting group and Cole took a Group 2 in the Herding Group!!!!

The line up for the the puppy Best in show was nice…… There was a feeling of well wishing and respect as everyone showed their dogs as we were all breeders and very proud of the dogs we had bred. It was a nice feeling. Dax showed like a dream and we won Best Puppy in Show!!!!!! And $100.00 to boot!!!! I was on cloud nine!!!!

I watched the Adult Best in Show and a lovely Yorkie won. They called to me to go get Dax as the best puppy needed to go in for Best in Breeders Showcase. I got Dax and we won the WHOLE thing!!!! And another $150.00!!!!!! What an honor to win this!

I got so many compliments on my beautiful liver boy I was just beaming!!!! The next 2 days at the All Breed shows people were stopping me to tell me what a nice boy I had. One lady even said that she was judges transportation and that the judges couldn't stop talking about the Dalmatian puppy!!!!

It's a good feeling to have all these years of hard work, tears, joy and tremondous effort that I have put into my breeding program and my dogs rewarded in such a nice way. Good boy Dax!!!! At 3 weeks of age I just knew that Dax was the whole picture of "the Dalmatian" that floats in my head when I am planning breedings!!!!


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