Angels Abound

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After running a few errands I stopped at the gas station. When I got back in the truck it would not start.

My cell was dead so I went to a local store and called for a ride…. No answer… straight to voicemail.

I sat on the curb watching the cars go by and it started to get cold. I was only 2 1/2 miles from home. I could have walked, but that didn't sound like fun. After a bit a man in a gator was pulling out of the parking lot and I asked him if he was going up the road. He said he was. I asked if he would mind giving me a lift home as my car had died. He said "No problems". Great! I hopped on. I noticed he looked like he had had a stroke.

He told me he worked in construction and had an accident 5 years ago and had a stroke. I told him that is a hard road and that my father had a stroke. We had a nice chat the whole way to my house.

He made me feel good as it brought a flood of memories of my Dad. I fought back the tears in front of him.

I told him how my father was very angry right after the stroke and how he made the decision to make the best out of it all. And how my Dad was my hero. How I remember looking at my Dad and knowing all the tasks he mastered after the stroke like putting on socks with one hand. He nodded and said it's hard.

I remembered how my Dad had a couple of key words he would use like Perfect and Beautiful. This man, whose named I learned was Bill, key word was Excellent. That made me smile.

I remembered how kind, happy and full of life my Dad was and Bill seemed the same way.

After he dropped me off he held out his hand and I shook it then gave him a big hug. I felt my Dad around me.

We waved good bye and I felt the tears down my cheeks as I walked up my drive.

We went back later that night to roll the truck out of the way and it started right up.

weird how things happen.

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  1. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    I love that. Your angel to remind you of how wonderful life can be even though tough things happen. And an angel
    your dad sent you to help you so you know he’s always around. And Bill probably thought the same way about you.

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