An agility dog is born…


I wanted to get my puppies out to socialize them and help them gain confidence. I also wanted to do an activity that was fun for both me and my dogs. Agility looked like it would fit the bill. So I needed to choose one of my dogs that I could start in a puppy agilty class.

As I was doing my research on my computer to find just the right class and trainer to start with I could not help but notice that , Easy To Spot Oh My Heavens “Ella”, one of my 9 month old Dalmatians was running and leaping right outside my window. She was making quite the spectacle of herself…but clearly having a ball at it. It was as if she was saying….DUH…I am the pup you need to take to agility class!!! See these backflips that I can do??? They might come in handy ….So what do you say mom???? Huh? And when do we start????

Ella was sold to a nice couple that took this cute little spitfire home at 8 weeks…. She was the pup that was permanently attached to my pantleg. When Ella was 8 months old I got a call from her family saying that they were moving and would I be interested in taking Ella back? I told them I would go pick her up that day. She was ADORABLE!!!! She fit right in here at home like she had never left. I was actively looking for a wonderful pet home for her……until that day that she convinced me that it was her job to be my agility star!!!!!Dsc_0061_12

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