AKC World Team Tryouts 09



I love agility!!! I love the bond you create with your dog. I love seeing the lightbulb turn on when your dogs understands something new. I love seeing how excited your dogs gets when she gets to play the game. I love the people in agility. That being said I personally don't have World Team or National Finals on my goal board….. But I am lucky enough to be able to experience the amazing journey to these goals with someone who does have them on her goal board!!!

So we are off to Hopkins, MN to support Daneen & Masher who are trying out for the AKC World Team!!!

I am am so excited!!! It is truly a thrill to watch Daneen run her little dog Masher.

Eric Larson will be providing live stream video of the event. AKC World Team Tryouts 09

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