Aiden’s Agility Debut!!!!!!!

I am so very proud of my little bobble head Aiden!!!!

He had a very rough start in his agility career. He had 5 major scary things happen to him when we first started one of them being 2 Aussies thought he was a lure coursing bunny and chased him out to the parking lot where he had to hide under a car for safety. I thought he may never do agility due to his early trauma’s.

Then we have the BHS/ADD issues 🙂  I really thought that if I got a startline by the time he turned 10 I would be happy.

I am happy that Aiden seems to enjoy the game and is happy and confident where we train. I am getting the start of a start line with the 1,2,3 game.

I entered him in one class and did not ask him to do a startline. He looked happy and ran very well. We are still in puppy class and we don’t have a full grasp of lefts, rights or front or rear crosses yet…. and he has never run on anything but grass. So this was great!!!! He will never be Masher fast but that’s Ok cuz I will never be Daneen fast:)

Out of the one tunnel I was late in calling him and he said “Oh look a tunnel…. I bet that where I am supposed to go!!!” Pretty cute Doody!!!!

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