Agility Collie


I got these cute shots as Daneen was playing tug with Crash. They were taken at night so the quality is not that great. This little puppy picked Daneen from the time he could walk! All the other puppies would be playing and doing other puppy stuff and where would Crash be? Sitting at the front of the puppy pen STARING at Daneen with that “I just LOVE you” look!!! Pretty funny how creatures do that. Pretty cool when we pay attention….because it’s just magic!!!Dsc_0705
“READY, READY….Get that thing”

Crash gets pretty into tugging….It’s the best game ever!!!

It is very obvious who’s little dog this is.

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  1. Reply Cynthia Blue says:

    Great pics! Gorgeous collie. Love to see them doing agility. 🙂

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