Adfam’s Tearin’ It Up MXJ, AX, MAD, JM, RM, NGC, CGC,TDI


It is with a broken heart and tear filled eyes that I write this post. Last Sunday Shredder was bitten by a rattlesnake and did not survive.

I feel helpless as there are no words or actions to help ease Daneen’s pain.

Shred and Daneen were just starting to click as a team and got their first double Q for the year to qualify for the Nationals. For those of you that were lucky enough to see them work you would have to agree with me that it was a egde of your seat experience…..and seeing the smile on both of their faces at the end of the run just made your soul smile…..even when Shred would take 7 extra obstacles and still beat all the other dogs in every jump heights times!!!!! Shred loved the game as much as her partner.

As ludicrous speed as Shreddy was in agility she really gave me her all in a very controlled manner in the conformation ring…..even tho she probably thought it was pretty boring.

My favorite thing about Shredder was her sense of humor…..when she thought that she was not getting quite enough attention from us she would start spinning and chasing her tail…REALLY FAST….then she would stop and wobble a little from being dizzy and look at us and wait for us to start laughing.

Shredder will live in our hearts forever and we do find comfort in the four amazing little pups she had….Masher, Foxy, Primo and Taboo. I know that Shredder will be watching them as they tear up the agility courses just like their mother did.

I am sure Shred is having as much fun in heaven as she had here on earth…..perfect open courses and lots of chicken snacks!!!!Jumping_shredder

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