Action Dog Sports New Logo and First Show!!!!

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When I was eleven years old I just "knew" my purpose for being here was to start a foundation called "Action for Animals~ Making a difference through volunteers, education and common sense!"

In my mind I saw a working organization that helped animals through education and common sense. It would give volunteers of varying skills a chance to help the animals using their individual talents.

As a child I saw a thriving dog related "compound" that included, boarding, grooming, vet, retail, training and show facilities that were all run to fund things such as spay and neuter, fund foster programs, responsible pet ownership classes for the public and programs in schools, low income vet care and basically anything to help where the animals needed it.

It has been on my mind and in my heart and soul since childhood.

Life has taken me down some amazing paths and some wonderful experiences so at the age of 43 this dream of mine is still a burning desire. The original dream has been tweaked by time and my new experiences. Good changes I think and I am thrilled that this dream of mine is still a burning desire.

The last year or two "The Dream" has been bubbling closer to the surface and I have been on a steady path working with the Universe, My partner, Daneen, and good friends to make it all come alive… to become a reality.

I can see it, I can feel it, I can taste it !!!!

We are happy to announce that Action Dog Sports ~ Making a difference through attitude, education and common sense… Has been brought from the dream world to reality!!!

The organization has been formed and we have begun holding events, seminars, fundraisers and working on a training and dog event facility!!! So very exciting!!!! I can hardly stand my little self!!!

I see a dog friendly show venue where people are allowed and encouraged to walk their dogs on the trail that surrounds the event center, 3 large fenced off- leash excercise yards, 4 100×100 rings for trials, 2 50 x 50 rings for specialty clubs to hold their conformation shows, Ob/Rally and agility at the same time.We will have a top of the line training facility with the latest in equipment and trainers that have the real world show/trial experience and knowledge for every level of competitor.

It will be a little slice of heaven for the dogs and their owners. A place just for them!!!

All of our dogs are pretty darn lucky. We can still go and play and we would all be helping the dogs out there that are not so lucky. It's a win-win!!! Part of all Action Dog Sports proceeds will go to local 501c3's that are in the trenches doing the dirty work to help dogs.  Not everyone can foster or rescue but they can participate in an Action Dog Sports event and help fund the people that do.

We look forward to every minute of this adventure!!! Dreams do come true!!!!



3 Responses to Action Dog Sports New Logo and First Show!!!!

  1. Reply Judy Caughlin says:

    So happy you are following through with your dreams. I’m so happy for you and wish you the best. Anything I can help with, let me know.

  2. Reply Dharpur says:

    Whoo Hoo we are the proud owners of one of the FIRST Action Dog Sports Best in Show – A – ribbons 🙂 Actually owners of 3 of them and lots of other group/ class ribbons. You are the reason I brought the agility dogs out to do conformation and now because of you I have 3 breed champions. Looking forward to more ADS events

  3. Reply Lisa says:

    Wow this is wonderful news. Congratulations on achieving your “Dream” and such wonderful things you will be able to do because of it.

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