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I too read the “final SRC report” with interest.  How the SRC Committee could ignore the 1414 members who voted  in the Special Membership Meeting, which asked the question “Do you want to include sable merles in our standard” and say that the 597 who answered the “poll” ,is what counts, is unbelievable. It is time that our DDs stand up and represent their constituents. A motion has been made by a DD to appoint a 3 person committee to begin the legal process to include the sable merle in our standard.  Since the membership has indicated (by a majority vote) they want to see this done, I would suggest when this motion is put to a vote, each DD poll their members, and vote according to your constituents wishes.
This club belongs to the members, and yet we have individuals in office who do not follow our CCA Constitution, refuse to listen to the membership,  or display proper courtesy and protocol.  It is time they are replaced. It is apparent that we need new people in office who will work with the Board and listen to the members.  I urge everyone in this club to make your voice heard by voting in the upcoming elections.  You have a right to question those who are running for office…..Exercise that right!
Adria Weiner
Edenrock Collies

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