2010 USDAA National ~ My Take On It

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I have been to a few of these high charged events before and I swear it won't be the smoking or the extra weight it will be these competitions that kill me!!!! STRESSFULL!!!!!

I am all onboard with moving big events around the country. It is only fair…. and I knew there would be bugs to work out with a new venue. That being said there were pros and cons with the venue this year.

Pros- GREAT parking, good weather, nice local flavor, good vendors.

Cons- Shitty footing for the dogs, gross nose plugging dust and food selection at the venue was less than desired. Stretching it out an extra day and only running one run a day was not fun.

Good thing is that the footing and dust can be worked on. AKC National put straw then dirt. Super cushy!!! And a little water goes a LONG way for dust control! Hope someone was making notes.

My biggest complaint is that it didn't FEEL like the National. That electrical charge was not in the air but for the "big runs" .


Daneen and Masher did very well….




We were so pleased at the beauty of the fall colors in Kentucky. Fiery reds and glowing oranges everywhere. I wish I had taken the tree shots ealier in our trip because by the time I was able to get tree shots most looked a dead dry color :(  I had no idea that the color changes happened so quickly. Someone said that they went on a walk and saw a huge tree that was half green and half red/orange. The very next day it was ALL orange!


Mushy is such a cute little poser!


Grand Prix walk throughs. Very stressfull!!!


Deb and Mei and friends made the cutest posters for people… Here is the one they made for Masher 🙂


USDAA 2010 12" Steeplechase Champions Daneen & Masher.



One run a day left us with lots of down time.


The dust was soooooo thick that you were covered with dust if you touched anything. Lots of people were wearing mask's…. I felt really bad for the dogs. We carried Masher when we were indoors and used as many routes outside to get to where we needed to go. NOT HEALTHY!!!!


Poor Masher!


We ate at Lynne's Paradise Cafe…. Hometown cooking with a twist.

The decor was deffinatly the the twist because the food was overpriced and not so good. How do you F' up eggs??????


When we travel we make it apoint not to eat at chain places….. we would rather taste the local flavor.

After several not so good meals we broke down and ate at Bob's Big Boy. My plate was 4.00 !!! And it was PERFECT!!!!

Looks like Bobbie Boy is sporting some Booty Pops!!!!


After Daneen ran the Steeple chase she was all snotty, sneezing and coughing!!!

NOT GOOD!!! They still had Grand Prix to run the next day.

So she had a good breakfast of bagel, Aleve, Dayquil and snacked on Halls all day.



Top three dogs going into the Grand Prix were Papillons!!

Devo is a seasoned dog and he beat Masher last year in the Steeplechase finals. He is fast!!

Tantrum is a young and up and coming fast little girl. This was their first big event and they did an outstanding job!!!


Masher ~ USDAA 2010 12" Grand Prix Champion! Second year in a row!!!!




We met some friends and had dinner at the Bristol Bar & Grille.

Good food & Great people!!!











4 Responses to 2010 USDAA National ~ My Take On It

  1. Reply Gayle says:

    Love it!! Greaaaaaaaaaaat job Team Masher!!!! Very proud of our CA group!! Those trees do change by the minute, and so does the weather.
    Millie, Wilder and Charger

  2. Reply Diana Hiiesalu Bain says:

    Congratulations to Mashy & Daneen!! You should have looked up “The New Jesus”…..Lori in Scottsville! Or just called her, she probably would have come to cheer you all on!!

  3. Reply Daisy Peel says:

    Lynn’s Paradise cafe was awesome. Congrats to Daneen and Masher, and a huge thanks to you for the moral support regarding the equipment stuff. When I saw you and Daneen ringside you have no idea how comforted I was…you ladies are two I’d always like to have in my corner! 🙂

  4. Reply ETSjules says:

    Daisy- Congratulations to you and Solar too !!!!! Super nice job!
    Anytime. Anytime. We have to look out for each other and our pups!

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